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“With deft, simple strokes, Rhonda Hayes Curtis paints a beautiful panorama of love, loss, and second chances that honors and celebrates both the sweetness and sorrow of life. At once heartwarming and heartbreaking, this moving memoir reassures us that even in the darkest of times, life will do its best to bring us blessings to ease our pain.”
Phil Bolsta, author of Through God's Eyes: Finding Peace and Purpose in a Troubled World

“This is a beautiful memoir, heart wrenching in so many ways and yet filled with hope. But at its heart this is a love story, a reminder that in the end there's nothing more powerful than two people caring for each other.”
Evan Miller, senior editor, Guideposts magazine

"Love at the Last Minute  is a deeply  moving ride through the ever shifting landscape of life, loss and love. While on  one of the bumpiest roads of life, Rhonda Hayes Curtis eloquently shares the  blessings of being fully present to desperate hope, trust in a daughter's most  unusual request, crushing grief, surrender and the tenderness of love. An awe  inspiring read!"
Gail D. Gerbie, Licensed  Marriage and Family Therapist

“Rhonda Hayes Curtis takes us  on a bittersweet journey that captivates the reader as she learns to accept  tragic losses with grace, and receive unexpected love with an open heart. A  sincere and honest account of life’s complexity and richness.”
Carol Ann Haines, author of Living Fit After Fifty: A Guide for the Post-Menopausal Woman

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